Marine Forging

Since our early beginnings Somers Forge have been a leading supplier of forged products for the Marine industry. As long ago as 1912 we obtained what was then, Admiralty Approval, for the supply of propulsion shafting and other associated marine forgings.



Invested to propel the worlds fleet through the harshest of environments

Forge Masters

We pride ourselves as being one of the only Forge Masters who has the capability to offer a complete supply including the finish machining of propulsion shafting for both fixed pitch and CPP applications.

In addition to the supply of new shafts we also offer a service to re-furbish shafting. This may include processes of metal spraying and weld cladding which will return shafts to a nearly as new condition at a fraction of the time and cost of a new shaft.


State of the art

Our state of the art facilities steeped in history, can manufacture components in excess of 20 meters. We have a number of CNC lathes and unique boring facilities which enable us to bore a shaft with a length of 20 meters from one direction only. This ensures no mismatch in the centre hole and a shaft which is perfectly balanced.

Naval Applications

Naval applications include items for both surface ships and submarines where we work to stringent specifications and extremely close tolerances. During final machining we fit bronze/stainless steel/ inconel liners, reinforcing sleeves and GRP Coating.

The Somers name has gained a first class reputation from many of the worlds Navies and we are a preferred supplier to a number of OEM’s. Based in both the UK & USA. 

Case Study RMS Titanic Anchor Shank

As far back as the early 1900’s Somers produced a wide range of components for the marine & naval industry, during this period 1910 and 1911 Somers produced an anchor shank forging for the RMS Titanic.  The anchor measured an impressive 18ft 6ins in length.  The image helps to display the size of the anchor which 20 clydesdale horses pulled to Dudley railway station. A replica of the Titanic anchor can be found at the Black Country Museum along with many more of our diverse and historic pieces. Today we continue to manufacture Anchor Shanks for both commercial and naval vessels.

Marine Forging Products

Include but not limited to:

Propeller Shafts Rudder Stocks Anchor Shanks Thrust Shafts Manifold Blocks Intermediate Shafts Hull Penetrators Engine Components Gear Housing Door Housing Support Rings Angle Stops Stabilizers Torque Tubes Sea Water Bends Actuators Locking Dowels Tiller Pins Blade Stabilizers Support Rings Engine Components Steering & Diving Gear

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