Our aim is to forge long-term partnerships with customers to help them overcome engineering challenges to become more successful and sustainable in their market.

ISO 14001:2015 Approved

Raw material 100% traceable

Our constant investment and assessment enables us to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions

Reducing energy costs and carbon emissions

The biggest threat to the industry we operate in is climate change, an issue in which we are facing head on. We are proud to say we manufacture in accordance with the International Environment Management System 14001 2015 and are a member of the Climate Change Levy. We see it as our responsibility to reduce the impact the business has on the local environment and set a benchmark for others to follow.

Somers has environmental objectives which fulfill our business goal of continually reducing the environmental impact on future generations. These objectives include looking at use of material, waste management, fuel and also product investment. As a member of the Climate Change Levy we review our annual target to reduce energy consumption which includes, gas, electric, diesel and oil consumption. We are set a target for each period which reduces by an average of 5% with the actual performance against the target measured in kilowatt hours per tonne of steel produced. Our biggest raw material is steel which is 100% fully traceable and any metal by-product is recycled.

Industrial Plant

Recycling & Aftermarket Support

Alongside our unique world class new shaft manufacture, we also offer a refurbishment shafting solution which delivers our customers with cost savings, shorter lead times and reduces the lifecycle analysis impact. This service supports environmental responsibility through recycling.

If we deem a product unsuitable for refurbishment following a comprehensive survey, we then recommend an aftermarket route. The aftermarket route involves cutting the material into pieces to be re-melted in order to recycle. We can arrange the whole process for the customer. All waste/scrapped material is recycled.

People and The Community

As a market leader we see sustainability as not just the environment but about people and the community. We support local organisations which share our core values for giving back to the local community. With our rich history being at the forefront of the Black Country it will be no surprise that our manufacturing excellence is noted at the Black Country Museum, with a plaque dedicated to the support from John Folkes. In the past we have donated historic pieces for the museum display and we have manufactured parts for both the rail road and steam hammer for the Black Country Museum. We hire the best people and actively encourage development so we can offer the best products. As we continue to grow we are taking on more apprentices. We encourage all employees to develop and support them throughout their training, as we believe in building from within the organisation. The safety of all our staff is of the paramount importance’s with everyone going home safely every day.

People and Community

“Somers team donating Hand Sanitisers to locals Secondary Schools”