Power Generation Forgings

Here at Somers Forge, we deliver high quality power generation forgings for the industry. We provide a fast and reliable service offering products from simple rings to complex shapes, as we have the in-house capabilities to manufacture a variety of power generation components that meet your standards and requirements. Find out more about power generation forging below.



Forging the future energy

Turbine Shafts

We are keen on making a difference. With inhouse facilities and a skilled workforce we supply power generation forgings for the renewable energy sector, including hydroelectric power, tidal/wave or geothermal energy, wind and biomass power.

We offer a range of forged shapes for turbines along with generators, compressors, gear boxes, heat exchanges and blowers. Suppling turbine shafts connecting the turbine to the generator, with the shaft turning at the same speed as the actual turbine. This requires turbine shafts to be from the highest quality forging. We manufacturer turbine shafts and low speed shafts according to the customer requirements, up to 23metres in length.

Common material grades used in the power generation sector include 18CrNiMo7-6, AISI 4340, 17-4PH, X750, 718.

Power generation forging parts

The products that we can forge include:

Complex shapes – Such as bucket/fan blade shock, turbine blades, casings, impellers.

Discs and hubs – For example, adapters, covers, impellers, nozzles, tube sheets, rings suction/ discharge end caps and wheels.

Full or segmented rings – These include adapter or spherical seats, diaphragm, flanges, lock, motor end, sleeves, seal, shear resistance, spacer and retainer.

Shafts – Including pole, rota, turbine, low speed, input/output shafts, coupling, generator.

Additional shapes – Somers Forge are not limited to the shapes above and also offer shapes such as bearing blocks, centrifuge bowls, casings, spacers, shells, transition cones.

Why Choose Somers Forge

There are many reasons to choose Somers Forge for your power generation forgings. Firstly, our fast, emergency response. Our engineers understand that sometimes situations fall through or become critical, so we have established an emergency response program, allowing rush orders for immediate product response via our Somers Optimal Service.

Another advantage is no matter the grade, size or drawing shape; our facilities and wide range of equipment are designed to support it.

Lastly, at Somers Forge quality management control is foremost in the minds of all employees with our personal commitment to quality, maintaining our international reputation for the highest in steel engineering principles

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Power Generation Forgings Products

Include but not limited to:

Generator Shafts Discs Pole Shafts Rota Shafts Turbine Shafts Rings Torque Tubes Low Speed Shafts Main Shafts Couplings Blades & Buckets Hubs Valve Bodies Transition Cones Input/Output Shafts Underwater Turbines

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