Rail Forgings

Heavy Duty Rail Forgings

Heavy duty Rail forgings

We have a well established reputation, having produced rail forgings for the London Underground and Severn Valley Railway and everything in between.  Our history in excellence in the rail industry goes as far back as 1881, when we were issued a Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria for improvements in the manufacture of iron and steel wheels for railway.

At Somers we strive to keep alive the history of the steam rail products we supply, whilst utilising 21st century technology and methods. With items that are for both live trains and also museum exhibits.   Our equipment offers a very diverse nature and type of forged items, with engineering and metallurgical support on every product. As well as a reverse engineering service, producing bespoke items almost from scratch.


Connecting Rod

Manifold Blocks

Leading Arms


Big End Straps


Roller Rails


Reasons to choose Somers Forge for your rail forgings

There are many reasons to choose Somers Forge for your rail industry forgings. One major advantage of choosing Somers Forge is no matter the grade, size or shape of the required product; our facilities and wide range of equipment are designed to support it.

Another reason includes our Somers Optimal Service. Our engineers understand that sometimes situations fall through or become critical, our express service includes a commitment to fast track manufacturing, testing and delivering with the same exceptional Somers Forge quality.

Finally, at Somers Forge quality management control is foremost in the minds of all employees with our personal commitment to quality thus maintaining our international reputation for the highest in steel engineering principles.

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Rail Forgings Products

Include but not limited to:

Connecting Rod Big End Straps Manifold Blocks Roller Rails Pinions Axels

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