Somers have the forging & machining capabilities to offer a vast range of open die forging produced from customers free issue raw material.

Heavy Forge

Light Forge

Specialising in the hire work of high alloy materials such as titanium, super alloys and nickel based materials

Quicker route to market

For Mill producers we are able to offer ingot conversion, avoiding you capital investment. Providing improved grain structure and more homogenous product.

To increase the speed to market, we now offer hire work machining. See our full capability on the machining page.

For Component Manufacturers

For component manufactures we have a range of equipment to be able to offer pieces as small as 1 kg up to 80 tonnes.

Our most popular product for hire work is bars, which are available with a max length of 23,000 mm.

We process a wide range

We are able to process a range of materials from Titanium, Super Alloys, Carbon Steels, Low Alloys, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys and Bronze alloys.

All material is processed to client agreed written procedures with fully certified routes.

Case Study

Include but not limited to:


Need something quick?

10 Day Machined Forging

5 Day Unmachined Forging

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