We offer hirework forging, heat treament and machining to give customers a greater choice with more flexibility.


Heat Treatment


Quicker Route to Market

Hirework Forging

For Mill producers we are able to offer ingot conversion, avoiding you capital investment. Providing improved grain structure and more homogenous product.

For component manufactures we have a range of equipment to be able to offer pieces as small as 1 kg up to 80 tonnes. Our most popular product for hire work is bars, which are available with a max length of 23,000 mm.

We are able to process a range of materials from Titanium, Super Alloys, Carbon Steels, Low Alloys, Stainless Steels, Nickel Alloys and Bronze alloys. All material is processed to client agreed written procedures with full certifications.

Hirework Heat Treatment

With the capability of heat treating components in a range of shapes, sizes and materials, from a small ring up to 23 metres in length! Quality accredited hire work heat treatment process in annealing, normalising, hydrogen diffusion, tempering, water quenching, oil quenching, stress relieving and post weld heat treatment.

Our subcontract heat treatment service offers huge benefits to any manufacturer needing parts heat treated, that do not have the specialist equipment. Our large range of heat treatment facilities combined with a wealth of metallurgical expertise give customers a greater choice via more flexibility and reduce the capital requirements and associated maintenance costs.

Hirework Machining

To increase the speed to market, we now offer hire work machining to be supplied either pre-machined or completely finished machined. Our machine shop is equipped to undertake vertical boring, horizontal deep hole boring, milling, turning, drilling, sawing, honing and balancing on parts from 1kg up to 100 tonnes.

It is also the first opportunity for subcontract machining on the largest borer in Europe, boring lengths of 20m metres and turning up to 23 metres. See our full capability on the machining page.

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Hirework Forging

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