Heat Treatment

We use advanced heat treatment technology to refine the structure of materials to meet the requirements of a wide range of international standards.

API 6A Approved Furnaces

8 Heat Treatment Applications

Expertise in heat treating all grades of materials with optimum properties

Diversified Range of Heat Treatment Materials

Heat treatments are undertaken in a suite of 24 furnaces of varying sizes surveyed to meet national and international specifications including a number calibrated to API 6A and internationally recognised Aerospace Standards. These qualifications enable us to provide a diversified range of materials from basic carbon steels to high integrity nickel alloys.

Heat Treated Pieces in Excess of 23 Metres

To accommodate our forging capabilities we are able to heat treat work pieces in excess of 23 metres in length. The various treatments available are annealing, normalising, hydrogen diffusion, tempering, water quenching, oil quenching, stress relieving and post weld heat treatment.

Somers offer a sub-contract heat treatment service which offers competitive turnaround times and prices.

Heat Treatment Benefits

In precision engineering, the ability to control material properties with accuracy is crucial.

Heat treatments play a vital role in forging to make components more durable and resilient. By controlling the crystalline structure of the metal, we can improve its resistance to wear, fatigue, and corrosion, ensuring a longer service life.

Heat treatments are widely applicable and are employed in various industries and products.

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We also have our subcontract heat treatment service. This offers huge benefits to any manufacturer needing parts heat treated, that do not have the specialist equipment. Make the most of the heat treatment facilities we have at our Halesowen Forge.


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