Defence Forgings

Here at Somers we are a trusted supplier to the Defence industry due to our quality accountable forgings. We have a long heritage of over 100 years’ experience in the defence industry, our reputation and proven capability go without saying and we are a first class provider of marine defence forgings and finished components.




Proud to play a role in keeping the world safe


With our longstanding commitment to serving air, land, sea, in the defence sector, we are setup with access to restricted security areas. We subsequently thrive on producing difficult items which others cannot, getting them right first time and out on time. Our high tech defence forging equipment combined with considerable skills enable us to produce “near shape” items, with grain flow achieved producing a much-improved integrity of product.


As well as supplying to maritime defence, we can also forge components for machinery and suspension parts for military vehicles such as tanks and armoured vehicles.

Integrity and quality are two of our core values at Somers. With this in mind we cannot talk in too much detail about the amazing things we have done to create many long-standing relationships globally, as many of our products go into very sensitive areas of applications. However, we are sure we will be able to help you.

Technical Experts

At Somers we have a dedicated team of account managers who are fully versed in all aspects of the defence forgings and this specific industry, however stringent and complicated the needs and wants are. To get a full flavour and greater understanding of our wide range of products, please contact one of our technical experts today who will help in every aspect of your requirement.

Case Study HMS Birmingham

HMS Birmingham was a Type 42 destroyer commissioned in 1976. Built by Cammell Lard with a length of 125m and top speed of 30 knots.

Somers Forge Ltd forged, heat treated and finished machined the shaft line with a total length of (2) 135’. Each shaft was hollow bored from a solid forging to a fine tolerance here at Somers.

Each of the 6 shafts were forged from 43 tonne ingots, profiled as near to finished shape as possible to increase strength and longevity.

HMS Birmingham was used in the post Falklands conflict patrol and served in the Persian Gulf. It made history being the first ship to replenish a sea dart missile at sea. Somers also produced the Rudder Stocks for this vessel and subsequent vessels in the fleet, an achievement of which we are justifiably proud.

Defence Forgings Products

Include but not limited to:

Engine Pick Up Blocks Full Shaft Lines Access Cones Door Actuator Pats Rudder Stocks Keys Dome Steering Gear Re- coil equipment Bulk Head Sea Water Bends Handling System Deer Act Parts Sprockets Gear Shafts

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