General Engineering

Somers Forge are major supplier of forgings to the General Engineering industry since its formation in 1866. Our owners boast a forging heritage from 1697 thus making us an integral part of the industrial revolution here in the UK.

Power Generation

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Forgings for all your general engineering requirements irrespective of final application specification

Committed to Quality

We have enjoyed supplying forgings to a very diverse range of General Engineers, offering innovate solutions from the common rotating land bearing parts to large
scale parts.

This includes industries such as, Aerospace, Gear Industry, Power Generation, Railway, Mining, Steel Mill, Hydraulic, Paper Making and Food Processing, to name but a few.

Flanges to Engine Components

Utilising our blacksmithing heritage we produce a range of engine components from valve stems, crankshafts, through to gears. In materials such as En8, En24 , En36 and custom exotic materials.

Forged flanges are one of our most popular products, which function is to combine two separate machinery parts together, such as pipeline in the oil & gas industry. We produce a complete range of bespoke flanges including, lap joint, socket, blind, welding neck, slip on and threaded flanges. To suit every requirement in material such as LF2, aluminium bronze, all the way through to nickel alloys.


Customer Satisfaction

We are always trusted to deliver with our dedicated engineering team committed to quality. It starts with a drawing and our team will manage the rest with attention on quality with a focus on customers satisfaction.

Case Study TransForge Project Research

With Nuclear construction becoming a growing market, Somers were a key part of the TransForge Project which was funded by Innovate UK.  The project examined the feasibility of fabricating dissimilar weld joints for nuclear power plants.  This project was needed after high failure rates in nuclear pressure vessels and associated difficulty of inspecting joints inside the reactor. These failures resulted in significant additional costs and on-going repair work. The approach was to find a way to remove the need for an in-situ dissimilar weld by production of welding and re-forging dissimilar metals to make a fully consolidated composite forging.

From this research project the benefits included reduction in failure rates therefore meaning an increase in plant hours due to reduction in downtime. Also, it improved safety standards through standardisation of a novel transition piece which would reduce the risk to plant manufactures through elimination of in-situ welding of dissimilar metals. Further testing is continuing to prove the longevity of the product in a corrosive and radioactive environment. Research will also be conducted to diversify the technology, allowing further applications in markets such as forge tooling.

General Engineering Products

Include but not limited to:

Hydraulic Cylinders Spindles Pressure Retaining Components Crusher Shafts Swimming Rolls Roller Rails Landing Gear Pump Shafts Compressor Shafts Fan Shaft Mandrel Shafts Drive Shafts Rolling Mill Wheels Extrusion Containers Fuel Sumps Transition Cones Sugar Mill Rolls Injector Plates Crane Wheels Rock Breaking Chisel

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