Aerospace Forging

Enhanced material technology and computer modelling techniques are used in our advanced forging and heat treatment methods. These are key in the forging processes for the aerospace sector. The ability to incorporate these forging processes and technologies has meant that the stringent demands for strength, durability and reliability can be met.

Approved Aerospace Manufacturer

At Somers we precision forge the most intricate of components, with our wide range of equipment allowing us to forge from as small as 1kg up to 80 tonnes.  Holding the AS9100D quality management system standard as well as approvals from Airbus, Timet and Messier-Bugatti-Dowty.

We supply parts for both commercial, defence sector and ground support. In the past we have even done test pieces for rockets, the sky really is no limit for our highly skilled workforce. To increase the speed to market, we also offer hire work forging and machining. Offering a speedy and efficient solution for our customers.


Benefits of open die forging in aerospace industry

The main benefit of aerospace open die forging is that it produces items that are stronger and more durable than those manufactured using methods such as casting or shaping machinery. This is a major benefit as it not only extends the life of the item but increases the structural integrity.

Parts that can be forged for the aerospace industry

The key materials which are used in the process of aerospace forging include titanium, Inconel, stainless steel and copper/ brass alloys. Our most popular materials forged for the aerospace industry are Ti6A14V, Ti5553, Inconcel 718, BS 598.

Forged components for the aerospace industry include:

Injector Plates
Thrust Cones
Engine Pick Up Blocks
Landing Components
Transmission Forgings
Chamber Forgings
Planetary Forgings
Turbine Discs
Fuel Sumps
Gear Blanks
Propeller Hubs
Track Rib Forgings
Pinion Forgings
Ring Gears
Engine Mounts
Bearing Housing
Compressor Rings

As a diverse forging and engineering company we strive to meet both the standard and bespoke requirements of the customer. Find out how we can meet your aerospace standards today. Contact us on 0121 585 5959 or fill in our contact form below and one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Aerospace Forging Products

Include but not limited to:

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