Mining Forgings

Our sales department as well as our engineers here at Somers Forge will partner with your business to provide you with an optimum solution for your mining forged products. We focus on how important quality and reliability is on all our mining machinery parts.



Quality products to ensure longevity in excavating & deep mining

Increasing Product Lifespan

From forgings designed and created solely to perform sub surface right through to those for deep sea. Our team can offer all types of parts to ensure you continue digging around the clock.

We forge a full range of quality crusher shafts, built to withstand the crushing of rock. Made from carbon steel and low alloys to be durable and cost effective.

We improve service life with custom made forgings for all your mining needs.

Mining forged parts

Somers Forge offers a comprehensive range of mining forged parts including:

  • Main shafts for crusher applications, walk shafts, gear shafts, bucket wheel shafts
  • Parts for rope shovels as well as drag line components and roller rails
  • Large hydraulic cylinders
  • Front and/or rear spindles and frames
  • Seamless rolled rings as well as rims, centre hubs, pinions, drill heads, gear blank, sleeves and bull gears

Technical Experts

We can create bespoke products in almost any shape, using all material grades from stainless steel and higher end alloy grades, right through to carbon. Our lead time will not be beaten throughout the whole forging sector, meaning that your mining operation will be on schedule and with minimal disruption to both your operations schedule and downtime.

In the past we have forged the largest rock breaking chisel of its time at 25 tonnes finished machined.

Case Study

Mining Forgings Products

Include but not limited to:

Crusher Shafts Hydraulic Cylinders Rims Spindles Sleeves Gears Drill Heads Gear shaft & Pinions Pancake Forgings Pinion Blanks Bucket Wheel Shafts Walking Dragline Components Roller Rails Walk Shafts

Need something quick?

10 Day Machined Forging

5 Day Unmachined Forging

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