One Complete Forging Solution

Customer Focused

Improved Efficiency

Offering a complete forging service for products finished and ready for industry.


A combination of forging equipment and expertise enables us to offer a full and varied range of products. With both a light forge and heavy forge, forged parts range from small engine components to large shafts.

Heat Treatment

Our technology and techniques keep us at the front of our field, along with constant ongoing improvement and evolution in the areas. Treatments include annealing, normalising, hydrogen diffusion, water quenching, oil quenching, tempering, stress-relieving.


We have a comprehensive range of machines on-site at sample, enabling us to meet any customer requirements and supply fully finished components ready for installation. With experienced fitters, we can also offer onsite installation for some parts.


With accreditations from all major societies, tests are carried out to British, European, ASTM standards and third-party inspections.  We undertake all facets of testing which includes impacts, Charpy testing and NDT operations amongst others.

One Complete Solution