Gear Forging

Somers Forge offer a range of forged parts for the gear industry. Find out more about our gear forging below...

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Material with exceptional cleanliness to ensure longevity

Gear forging

If a part rolls or even has power behind it, then it requires gears. There are a range of gears that are used within different industries and environments which all have different requirements.

We manufacture small and large forged gears for automotive, power generation, rail, marine propulsion, steel mills and general industrial plants. Producing high quality large black gear forging blanks up to 1500 mm dia across all industries. Offering short lead times on manufacturing and taking the stress away by managing the whole production process for finished gears. Materials commonly used to manufacture gear forgings with best properties include, 17CrNMo6, 18CrNiMo6, BS970-832M13, BS970-655M17.

Gear Industry Forged Parts

Big or small we offer a custom made solution to many gearing applications, from gear blanks to splined shafting components. Stocking a wide range of materials from En34, En36, En40B. Using our variety of equipment, we have the capability to forge custom sized gear shafts, allowing our customers to refurbish gear boxes, extending life and reducing driving costs.

Reasons to choose Somers Forge for your gear forgings

There are many reasons to choose Somers Forge for your gear forgings. One advantage of choosing Somers Forge is no matter the grade, size or shape of the required product; our facilities and wide range of equipment are designed to support it.

Another reason includes our Somers Optimal Service. Our engineers understand that sometimes situations fall through or become critical, our express service includes a commitment to fast track manufacturing, testing and delivering with the same exceptional Somers Forge quality.

Lastly, at Somers Forge quality management control is foremost in the minds of all employees with our personal commitment to quality thus maintaining our international reputation for the highest in steel engineering principles.

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Gear Forging Products

Include but not limited to:

Gear Shafts Pinion Shafts Racks Double Hubs Rails Gear Housing Couplings Double Hubs Spindles Support Rings

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