Somers Forge draws on the decades of experience combined with mechanised innovation using the very latest forging techniques. The wide range of equipment enables us to produce open die forgings from 1 kg to in excess of 80 tonne in weight, with lengths up to 23 metres.

1 kg to 80 tonnes

Lengths up to 23 metres

Precision Forging using the latest technology and skilled work force

A powerhouse in forging

We are a powerhouse within the forging community, providing the best possible products to our customers. This is why we have served industry for over 150 years and will do so for many years to come. Through the forging process we can guarantee increased strength, the best microstructure, longer lifespan and less material waste providing our customers savings.

We are able to boast having one the most versatile collection of forging equipment in the world today, from 4,000 tonne draw down press with integrated manipulators to 10 cwt hammer. To satisfy all your projects needs and requirements.

Approved to the highest standards

Our forging furnaces are approved to the highest specifications and standards meeting all the demands of the aerospace, nuclear, defence sectors. This allows us to manufacture a very diverse range of materials ensuring that our forging portfolio is second to none, rangingĀ  from basic carbon steels, super alloys to high integrity nickel alloys.


Bespoke design and supply

We hold a large range of superior quality materials in stock and can design and supply bespoke grades of materials to meet the different and demanding specification to satisfy your project needs.

With our unrivalled range of forging equipment, there no limit to what we can make. We thrive on manufacturing complex solutions which others cannot. All forgings are made to meet unique customers requirements,

Our highly skilled team can forge titanium, which is an excellent solution for the aerospace applications, applying ultimate strength to a lightweight application for corrosive environments.


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