Oil & Gas Forging

Somers Forge have been a major supplier of forged products to this industry ever since the first North Sea oil field explorations in the 1960’s. The harsh environment which commands the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry necessitates equipment made from the absolute highest quality.



High pressure retaining equipment for rigorous oil & gas industry applications

Various Materials

We have the capability of supplying components in many varying material specifications including carbon, alloy, austenitic stainless , martensitic stainless , duplex and super duplex stainless including F22 & F66. We also can offer Inconel alloys such as 625 and 718 for our gas and oil forgings.

Somers material can be found in numerous applications including land and subsea well heads, drilling rigs and offshore platforms, down-hole drilling, valves, fracking and mud pumps. As well as supplying integral blade stabilizers up to 32” OD, either pre-turned & finish bored or including spiral milling.

Valve components are supplied in various sizes and conditions, from black forgings, proof machined, semi machined to finished machined. From one off items to short runs and even long runs.

Speedy Delivery

Identifying the need for speedy deliveries to the Oil and Gas Industry we have introduced a new service ‘Somers Optimal Service’ for all S.O.S needs. This will enable Somers to have oil and gas forging items ready for delivery within days rather than weeks, meaning that we can cover all of our customer’s requirements for all eventualities.

We are also Achilles FPAL registered supplier for the oil & gas forgings.

Case Study Maari Oil Field

Maari is the second largest crude oil field in New Zealand covering 8,402 acres and with water depth of 102m.

Somers supplied First Sub Sea with mandrel and receptacle forgings for Maari, using 4330V material and manufactured in accordance with 4330v 13666 MPS. We forged, heat treated, proof machined all the parts for the offshore oil.

Oil & Gas Forging Products

Include but not limited to:

Mud Pump Blocks Xmas Trees Valve Bodies Down Hole Tools Drill Heads Blowout Preventers Turbine Shafts Stress Joints Hangers Contoured Rings Inlet Stub Shafts Pinions Bull Gears Tension Rings Flanges Tees Well Head Equipment Blade Stabilisers Mooring Connectors Y-Block Spools Risers

Need something quick?

10 Day Machined Forging

5 Day Unmachined Forging

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