Test Laboratory

Somers is made complete with in-house testing facilities carried out to British, European, ASTM standards and approved by many international third-party inspection authorities.

In-house testing

Internationally Approved

Mechanical and NDT testing to all international standards

Technology Advanced Lab

Our technologically advanced lab supports quality control and research and development. Offering non-destructive testing, hardness testing, mechanical testing and metallographic analysis.

We can facilitate a wide range of tests as required by our customer. In addition we test under different climatic conditions from sub-zero to elevated temperatures.

Case Study

Include but not limited to:

Examples of tests we provide

Cleanliness/Inclusion Count Grain Sizing Photo-micrographs Simulated post weld heat treatment testing Ductile-brittle transition curves Magnetic Particle Inspection Ultrasonic Inspection Dye Penetrant Inspection Brinell Hardness Vickers Hardness Rockwell Hardness Room and Elevated Temperature Tensile Room and low temperature impacts

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