Nuclear Forgings

Granted Fit For Nuclear Status

Precision Nuclear Forgings

Somers produce a wide range of nuclear forgings for both civil and military applications worldwide.  Manufacturing precision forged parts to both the critical safety and quality standards needed for the sector.  With a next level quality control system in place to process orders to meet the most stringent of customers’ requirements. Offering a complete nuclear forging solution for the sector as well as hire work forging, heat treatment and machining. Forgings include components for reactor pressure vessels, pressurized water reactor, generators and steam turbines.  Most commonly we work with 605M36, 347,410, ASTM 508 for nuclear-engineered products. With the 2nd biggest press in the U.K, we thrive on making difficult bespoke items.  It just starts with a conversion and we can make it happen.


  • Pumps
  • Pumps Shafts
  • Flanges
  • Gears
  • Tubes
  • Drilling Block
  • RPV Beltline
  • Prolongation Rings
  • Rings
  • Bearing House
  • Discs
  • Tees & Bends
  • Waste Flasks
  • Mounting Skirt
  • RPV Upper Shell
  • HSG Shell
  • Shell Strakes
  • Transition Cones
  • Pressure Components
  • Lifting Pin Tools
  • Lifting Trunnions
  • Pressuriser Upper Head
  • Pressuriser Upper Shell
  • Steam Drumhead
  • Lifting Pintles

Reasons to choose Somers Forge

There are many reasons to choose Somers Forge for your nuclear forgings. One major advantage of choosing Somers Forge is no matter the grade, size or shape of the required product; our facilities and wide range of equipment are designed to support it.

Another reason includes our Somers Optimal Service. Our engineers understand that sometimes situations fall through or become critical, our express service includes a commitment to fast track manufacturing, testing and delivering with the same exceptional Somers Forge quality, ensuring your nuclear forgings are provided as soon as you need them.

Finally, at Somers Forge quality management control is foremost in the minds of all employees with our personal commitment to quality, thus maintaining our international reputation for the highest in steel engineering principles.

Case Study Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station

Hunterston B was in operation for 46 years and provided one gigawatt of the UK’s 7.9GW nuclear capacity, enough to power to 1.7m homes.

On the decommissioning project for the nuclear power plant owned by EDF, Somers Forge supplied the shaft and pinion forgings for the gearbox. Forging, heat treating and rough machining the shaft and pinion forgings. Pictured is the finished gearbox displaying the pinion.

EDF Experience with Somers Forge

Somers Forge provided a quality product compliant to specification and delivered on time with communication through very stage. Demonstrating high professionalism with enthusiasm to meet the customers needs, to make the EDF flask crane overhaul project a success.

Nuclear Forgings Products

Include but not limited to:

Pumps Pump Shafts Flanges Gears Tubes Cylinders Divertor Plates Connectors Stator End Cap Crane Rings Bearing Housings Discs Tees Waste Flasks Shell Strakes Transition Cones Pressure Components Lifting Pin Tools Lifting Trunnions Drilling Block Steam Drumshell Steam Drumhead HSG Shell Secondary Drumhead RPV Support Skirt RPV Beltline RPV Upper Shell NSP Primary Head Pressuriser Mounting Skirt Pressuriser Upper Shell Pressuriser Upper Head Prolongation Ring

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