Machined forgings

Somers Forge offers machined forgings with the in house capability to offer proof or finished machined forgings to meet any customer requirement. We can produce high quality machined forgings for across the UK and around the world to suit our customers’ needs. Our forged components can be of any size or any shape, that include bars, shafts, hubs, discs, blocks and complex shapes.

What is machining?

Machining is a manufacturing process whereby material is removed from a workpiece.  After the metal component has been forged, it will need to be cleaned up to the customer’s specific requirements and measurements. Many different tools and techniques are used to get the desired size and shape from machining.

We use different machining methods with different tools, these include cutting, boring, turning, drilling, milling, and grinding. With our extensive in-house machine shop we can offer all these machining processes.


What are the different machined forging conditions?

Rough machined component is also known as proof machined forging. This is the process of knocking off the black scale of the forging in preparation for further machining processes. This is a very popular solution and allows customers to finish machining the part themselves and take control of the final dimensions of the part.

Semi machined forging is where more shape is put into components, but the final intricacies will need to be untaken at a later stage.

Finished machined forging is finished to the customers complex or simple surface requirements.

Often customers will go to order a basic shape and later machine down to a more shaped part, not realising what can be achieved from open die forging. By working with our technical sales team, we often achieve a shape closer to the finished product and optimise the production process enabling a faster lead time and more cost-effective solution.