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What is a turbine shaft used for?

The turbine shaft connects the turbine to the generator, turning at the same speed as the turbine. It is essentially an item that is used in machine designed for producing continuous power.  The system it is used in basically extracts energy from a fluid flow and then converts it into a usable form or medium. You will often find large turbines in power generation sector, where they play a keep role in the successful running of these types of units.

How are Turbine Shafts made?

As with other types of large shafts, they need to be produced in a way that will optimise the durability and performance levels when they are installed. Turbine rotor shafts are commonly made of steel grades 25Cr1Mo1VA, 30CrNi3Mo1VA, 26CrNi3Mo2VA, 23CrMoNiWV88 and X750. Turbine shafts are mainly machined through turning and groove-cutting operations with some amounts of drilling. Large amounts of metal are removed and demanding grooves have to be cut.

Somers manufacturer turbine shafts and low speed shafts according to the customer requirements, up to 23metres in length.

Why Somers Forge?

There are many reasons to choose Somers Forge for your turbine shaft forgings. One advantage of choosing Somers Forge is no matter the grade, size or shape of the required product; our facilities and wide range of equipment are designed to support it. Catering for both unique single items as well as larger quantity bulk items. Operating at the same level of quality and accuracy helping us produce outstanding products at an outstanding price.

At Somers Forge quality management control is foremost in the minds of all employees with our personal commitment to quality thus maintaining our international reputation for the highest in steel engineering principles.

Case Study Gapped Turbine Rotor Shaft Case Study

Pictured is a Gapped Turbine Rotor Shaft. This type of turbine rotor shaft is always machined from a solid forging to give maximum structural integrity. Produced in alloy steel materials up to approximately 5 tonnes finished weight, this central shaft of a steam driven high speed turbine, is subject to rigid mechanical and ultrasonic examination testing. A steam driven turbine of this type, is often sited in remote locations and therefore, needs to generate its own power in the manufacturing process. These turbines are usually coupled to an electricity alternator but can be used via a suitable gearbox to drive ancillary equipment direct e.g. paper rolling mills, sugar crushing machinery.

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