Somers Forge offers a complete forging service for products finished and ready for distribution. We are a leading forging supplier and are well respected with over 150 years in business. With our decades of experience of producing high grade, high integrity bespoke forgings, coming to us for your valve body is a step in the right direction. We supply a wide range of industries with valves such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Nuclear, Defence among others.

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What are Forged valves?

Forged valves use a forging process to shape metals and alloys in their solid form. With the valve body being forged as one solid piece, there is very little wasted material to achieve the shape. Dies and tools are then used to cut and shape the materials to create valve bodies. These valves are then usually used to start, stop or throttle the flow of liquid or gas, ensuring the highest safety and efficiency throughout.

Valve body forgings are primarily used in the oilfield industry applications and are often made from high specification/high-grade alloy materials. This requires the valves to be durable, with the operating environment being extreme and critical, making longevity key for forged values. The design of valves can be very intricate as they invariably fit into high pressured multi-part applications. This favours high-end alloys and stainless materials, whilst being durable they can also interact with other moving components both seamless and safety.

What we offer

Our valve body components are supplied in various sizes and conditions, from black forgings, proof machined, semi and finished machined. We offer both short and long runs, with items being made as one-offs.

We supply components for many material specifications including carbon, allow, austentic, martensitic, duplex and super duplex stainless including F22 & F66. We also offer Inconel alloys such as 625 and 718 for our gas and oil forgings. As we forge items as individual bespoke forgings, this will guarantee items have both requisite reduction and also grain size throughout, which will ensure strength and durability is ingrained in each single forge piece.

Advantages of forging valves in industry

Using forged valve bodies is an excellent choice as they are strong and durable, making them perfect to handle high temperatures and pressure across many industries. Due to the forging process, the valves are also very resistant to common issues such as cracks, shrinkage and porosity.

This also means that forged valves can be heated and cooled quickly, so they can adequately handle systems that continuously operate the start-up and phase-down process. This minimises the chance of any unexpected machine failures. Forging is also relatively quick and economical process compared to alternative methods and can offer uniformity across each valve no matter the quantity.

Our promise to you

Somers Forge operates rigorous and intensive internal testing on all our valve bodies and has been awarded all major accreditations to British and European standards. You can be assured that all our products are to a high quality and bespoke to your requirements.

Did you know that we also provide an express service to create and deliver any valve body? We can fast track our manufacturing processes and give customers a quicker turnaround, often in weeks or days, achieving the same excellent Somers Forge quality. This service was designed to help the oil and gas industry with quick parts following on from a breakdown. We also have experienced fitters, so can install onsite if required.

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Somers Forge is based in Halesowen in the West Midlands, and we also have another base in Michigan, USA. Call us today and let us become your go-to forging supplier. Call 0121 5855 959 or email 


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Maximum Diameter 2000 mm Carbon Alloy Austenitic Martensitic Duplex Stainless Super Duplex Stainless F22 & F66 Inconel alloys 625 & 718

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