As a leading open forge supplying critical parts, we have been asked for our opinion on the current challenges facing UK manufacturing companies. Believe it or not, Somers Forge Ltd is still a family-run and has been since 1697, which is well over 300 years! In fact, we are proud to say that we are the 10th oldest family-run firm in the UK.

The complex forging process makes us a high energy intense company, with this in mind, much like many businesses, costs have been soaring. From the visuals of forging ingots in excess of 20 tonnes, you will have a greater understanding of energy and high skill level involved in the forging process. This raises the question that we should be supporting British industry. As a company we are happy to be a spokesperson to bring awareness to the fact heavy engineering still takes place in the heart of the UK and to continue to push the government for support which is inline with other countries.   

Why buy from a British manufacturer?

The biggest benefits of using UK based manufacturer are:

  • Less supply chain risk
  • Greener supply chain
  • High level of control over quality
  • Bespoke/ low minimum order products
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater communication
  • Reduced lead times

The common challenges customers face with supply chains outside of the UK?

  • Slow lead times
  • Volatile international delivery cost
  • High supply chain risk
  • Focus on more bespoke product
  • Greater quality control importance

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