Why buy from a British Manufacturer?

In recent times there has been a growing demand for UK manufacturing, this been driven by many factors, including:

  • Slow lead times
  • Volatile international delivery cost
  • High supply chain risk
  • Focus on more bespoke product
  • Greater quality control importance

What are the biggest benefits of using UK based manufacturer?

  • Less supply chain risk
  • Greener supply chain
  • High level of control over quality
  • Bespoke/ low minimum order products
  • Lower transportation costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater communication
  • Reduced lead times

Advantages of Somers Forge being world leading forging supplier based in the UK             

With greater communication comes great control. Being customer focused, all customers are invited for a tour of Somers facilities and can even witness their items manufacturing process, whether that be forging, machining, testing etc.

At Somers Forge, all of our facilities are inhouse, enabling us to offer our complete forging solution.  Having complete inhouse manufacturing improves efficiency, gives greater flexibility and reduces risk all round.  Other forging companies outsource, making the process longer and they will have to go back and forth with any modifications.

All Somers products are made bespoke to customer requirements and as a UK manufacturer, we offer on-off individual items.  Often these items are needed quickly for breakdowns or as a new trial project. We also ofter longer run items. Our quality team will make suggestions on materials and route techniques which could improve your product quality and life span.

With over 150 years of experience, this comes with world renowned name and worldwide recognised quality approvals.  Somers has a multilingual team and export licenses for many counties.

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